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Camera Camp uses short informative videos to teach you everything you need to know to master your DSLR camera and take beautiful photos. What are you waiting for?


Learn from a
Pro Photographer

Your instructor Justin Wright has been a full time photographer for 10 years. He created Camera Camp to share his passion and teach people just like you.

Videos for your
brand of camera.

We use camera specific videos for your level of Nikon or Canon so you can see exactly how to adjust your settings.  

Become a
Lighting Master

This course will show you how to use natural light indoors and outdoors to create beautiful portraits.  

Want to know why Liz loves Camera Camp?

Watch this short video to hear her story.


Isn't it time you learned to use that camera of yours?


"Camera Camp has boosted my confidence as a photographer. It has given me a solid foundation. I absolutely recommend Camera Camp to anyone with a DSLR, whether you are just beginning or have been shooting for years."

Durham, North Carolina

"I have loved shooting with the full frame camera you recommended and have seen an improvement, but I know the result of better photos is attributed to Camera Camp. I have learned so much and can't thank you enough for creating this site! It was a fun way to learn and has made photography much more enjoyable."

Brundidge, Alabama

"I was given a nice DSLR as a gift which was incredible, but also daunting because I had no idea how to use it. For years just I hoped to get lucky by guessing what worked and shooting on AUTO. Camera Camp has given me the skills I need to feel confident. Justin is a great teacher and I love the way the videos are set up"

Nashville, Tennessee

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course, you'll get the knowledge and skills you need to master your DSLR camera and capture stunning photos. This course has empowered so many people just like you to become a confident and talented photographer.

  •  Freeze motion and create shallow depth of field in an image.
  • A complete understanding of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.
  • Use your camera's light meter to take a perfectly exposed images.
  • Learn to adjust all of the important settings on your specific brand and level of camera.
  • Get perfect color by adjusting your camera's White Balance.
  • Learn how to prevent grainy photos
  • Create visually strong images using proven composition principles. 
  • Go on location with Justin to learn how to use natural light and see live photo examples with camera settings. 
  • Bonus Materials include Taking Photos at the Beach, an overview of lenses, and the difference between RAW and JPEG.

You will learn this and so much more. Whether you are just getting your camera out of the box or have been taking photos your entire life, this course will teach you everything you need to know to fully understand your DSLR camera and take photos your friends and family will be talking about. 

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